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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Sep 3 23:59:52 PDT 2007

Eibhlin, Laurelled for cheesemaking and professional
cheesemonger gave lots of useful comments and info about cheesemaking  
to Gunthar when he inquired about the cheese he was making.

And then she mentioned salting the cheese:

<<< The next step is to sprinkle the
rind with salt.  This hardens the rind and pulls out
more moisture allowing the cheese to age without going
off.  I tend to use Kosher but I've started playing
with the samples I picked up from the fancy food show,
a pink himalayan, and three smoked salts.  I won't
know what kind of flavor they impart for a few weeks
yet as I just finished the dry salting stage the other
day.  They're sitting on the shelves aging right now. >>>

It sounds like you are using the regular salt for the initial curing/ 
rind creation? Then how do you use the flavored salts? Do you smooth  
these onto the rind or mash them into the rind some? The dry salting  
stage is what starts the rind creation, right?

I took a look at the various flavored salts, including various smoked  
salts, that Auntie Arwen had at her shop at Pennsic, but really  
didn't buy any since I didn't really know how I would use them, and  
thus which ones to buy. For the same reason I didn't buy any of her  
spice mixes. I guess there is always mail order.

Anyone know if we have any evidence of flavored salts being  
specifically used in period? We know that some salts, such as the sea  
salts from France, were known to full of dirt and other contaminants,  
but that is different.

<<< So there you have my initial brain dump.  Let me know
if you run into any problems along the way, I've
probably dealt with most of them at one time or
another. >>>

Thank you. I think I may have mentioned this previously, but if you  
have written any articles on cheese history or cheesemaking, I'd love  
to have them for the Florilegium.

A few files in the Florilegium on cheese:
About-Cheese-art  (12K)  3/ 4/05    "About Cheese" A tranlation by  
Aelianora de
                                        Wintringham of a 1556 letter  
on Swiss
                                        cheese and dairy products.
Charles-Chees-art (14K)  2/27/02    "Charlemagne's Cheese: a study in  
                                        un/reliability of sources" by  
Cheese-Making-art (30K)  9/29/97    "Cheese Making for the Compleat  
Novice" by
                                        Lady Aoife Finn.
cheesemaking-msg (126K)  7/28/06    Comments and info. on  
cheesemaking. Recipes.

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