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>A sartén "was" not other thing than a long or round or square frying
>pan. In Latinamerica, we use still the word sartén. "Olla" is the pan
>you use to make stews and casseroles, "sartén" the pan you use to fry.
>The paella is unknown in Latinamerica but if it's done, in a
>restaurante specialized in Spanish dishes, is made  in a "paellera", a
>round large pan.

Thank you Ana!  I own a very nice paellera and too many people have tried to "correct" me and call it simply a "paella".  That is the name of the food you cook in it, not the pan itself.  Huzzah!

I'm not going to use it as a musical instrument however.  <smile>  I'll buy separate pans for that purpose.  Can't you just see it, going to the Restaurant Supply shop with drumsticks and playing the merchandise?

Meanwhile, back at the "Olla":  Cervantes refers to olla podrida in DON QUIXOTE [1615], Chapter XLVII.  Perhaps this literary source might lead to some productive research or at least an evening's enjoyment.

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