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Olla podrida is the name of a stew, known in the old times as "olla
podrida". In the olla or pan you take everything you have at home or
at the farm, pork meat, cauliflowers, carrots, potatis, offal, lard.
And let it cook it for hours.
This is olla podrida, also known as "guisado" or "puchero".

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> >A sartén "was" not other thing than a long or round or square frying
> >pan. In Latinamerica, we use still the word sartén. "Olla" is the pan
> >you use to make stews and casseroles, "sartén" the pan you use to fry.
> >The paella is unknown in Latinamerica but if it's done, in a
> >restaurante specialized in Spanish dishes, is made  in a "paellera", a
> >round large pan.
> >Ana
> Thank you Ana!  I own a very nice paellera and too many people have tried to "correct" me and call it simply a "paella".  That is the name of the food you cook in it, not the pan itself.  Huzzah!
> I'm not going to use it as a musical instrument however.  <smile>  I'll buy separate pans for that purpose.  Can't you just see it, going to the Restaurant Supply shop with drumsticks and playing the merchandise?
> Meanwhile, back at the "Olla":  Cervantes refers to olla podrida in DON QUIXOTE [1615], Chapter XLVII.  Perhaps this literary source might lead to some productive research or at least an evening's enjoyment.
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