[Sca-cooks] Another Dish (of lamb) - Fadalat (Lilinah) - macerated murri

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Sat Sep 8 16:04:11 PDT 2007

Lininah wrote (to which I have added Robin Carroll-Mann´s corrections):
> Coge de las mejores partes de cordero, las que más te gusten; las 
> limpias, las pones en una cazuela de hierro y le hechas agua, sal, 
> aceite, pimienta. cilantro seco, un poco de cebolla cortada y la 
> cantidad que quieras de almorí macerado, y la  pones a la lumbre. 
> Cuando va a estar cocido puedes teñirlo, si quieres, con un poco de 
> azafrán desleído y lo llevas al horno para que termine de hacerse y se 
> dore. Entonces lo sacas, dejas que se le vaya el calor y lo comes.
> Si quieres puedes hacerlo con almorí de pescado, que le va muy bien, 
> en vez de almorí macerado.
> Another Dish (of lamb)Take the best parts of lamb, those that you like 
> more[1] <#_ftn1>; clean them, put them in an iron casserole and put in 
> it water, salt, oil, pepper, coriander seed, a little cut onion[2] 
> <#_ftn2>, and the amount you want of macerated murri[3] <#_ftn3>, and 
> put it on the fire. When it is nearly cooked you can color it, if you 
> want, with dissolved saffron, and take it to the oven so that it 
> finishes (becoming)[4] <#_ftn4> cooking and it is golden. Remove it, 
> leave it until the heat goes away from it (yeah, yeah, until it cools, 
> but such phrases are amusing) and eat it. If you want you can make it 
> with fish murri, which goes with it very well, instead of macerated 
> murri.[5] <#_ftn5>
> With Robin Caroll-Mann´s corrections.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> [1] <#_ftnref1> most
> [2] <#_ftnref2> chopped onion,
> [3] <#_ftnref3> Murri naqi. See 
> http://www.daviddfriedman.com/Medieval/Cookbooks/Andalusian/andalusian10.htm
> [4] <#_ftnref4> ??? I would delete "becoming".
> [5] <#_ftnref5> See footnote 1.

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