[Sca-cooks] Almond milk dregs

Vitaliano Vincenzi vitaliano at shanelambert.com
Fri Sep 14 08:11:03 PDT 2007

I made rice at my last feast and figured 1/2 cup per person with 80
people attending. It took two big roasters (no stove tops on site) to
cook all the rice, and we only used one roaster full. The other was
given away, sold, shared, and/or tossed. Of course, the rice was
served in the third course so many people were already reaching that
"I'm full" stage, so I guess it depends on what else is in this feast.

On 9/14/07, Adele de Maisieres <ladyadele at paradise.net.nz> wrote:
> ranvaig at columbus.rr.com wrote:
> > Rice with almond milk for 100.  The recipe I found is 2 c almonds to 3 c water, 1 c almond milk to 1 c rice.  1 lb of almonds is about 3 c.  1 lb rice is 4 3/4 cups.  I bought 12 lbs of rice and 12 lbs of almonds.  Which should be about 84 c or 5 gallons of cooked rice, about 7 c for each table of 8. The proportions tasked pretty good in my test cooking.
> >
> That seems like a lot of rice.  I find people will only eat 1/3-1/2c
> each, on average.
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