[Sca-cooks] Best Apprentice Gift EVER!

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 15 12:33:52 PDT 2007

Okay, so most of you know that I became an apprentice a little
bit ago. And, since I'm too much of a handful for just one Laurel,
I'm apprenticed to TWO of 'em.  I do highly admire both Mistress
Gwyneth and Dame Clara as well as being very impressed with their

Today Elizabeth and I actually had a free weekend to just hang out
and go shopping and relax a bit before the crazy tourney season
begins. One of the places I wanted to visit was Sur la Table and
"ooh and ahh" at the fun cooking stuff.

Once we got to Sur la Table, Elizabeth said there was an ulterior motive
for bringing me there. It seems that she and Dame Clara had a chat last
weekend and Clara gave Elizabeth some money to get my apprentice
gift. I really am embarassed by this but Elizabeth insisted that this is
what Clara wanted.

So today I am the very excited and proud owner of.......get this......
Yes! Alton Brown's favorite cutters. I ran home and went straight to
the kitchen to try it out. It does live up the hype. The action is smooth,
the weight is light but just heavy enough for proper control and it is
sharper than a razor. It's a thing of beauty. That poor onion didn't stand
a chance.

To make the day better we left the store and walked around the area looking
for lunch. We found a little place called "Toulous" that is fantastic. It's 
first authentic French food I've found in Dallas. I had the classic duck leg 
with fagiolle beans and it was perfect.  Dessert was obtained across the 
at the real soda fountain.

I'm so embarassed and humbled and thrilled with this amazing generosity from
an amazing woman. Thank you so much Clara. I'll try to be worth it.



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