[Sca-cooks] Round one - Plum Butter

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Wed Sep 19 05:49:42 PDT 2007

> >Pardon my naivety, but if the translation calls them "sour cherries",
>>why are you using plums? I don't get the connection - which is
>>probably my inexperience with period recipes as of yet, but can you
>>explain the connection? Thank you.
>> > Pflaumen Confect - Plum butter
> Well, the translation is my own.  But the recipe TITLE is Plum confect. 
> Why would Rumpolt make plum butter with cherries?  Perhaps they were more 
> available to him.  But I'm assuming that a recipe called Plum was, at 
> least sometimes, made with plums.
> And plums are 99 cents pound, while cherries are 3.99.
> Ranvaig

The term "Weichsel" is a shortened version of  "Weichselkirsche."  While 
commonly used to refer to cherries (Kirsch) the term also refers to the 
River Vistula in specific and Poland in general.  I think what it being 
stated is to use Polish plums.

BTW, and obsolete term for plums is Rosine, which is modern German for 


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