[Sca-cooks] Round one - Plum Butter

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Wed Sep 19 06:04:47 PDT 2007

"Pflaume" is more likely to refer to the fruit itself than the quality of 
something.  And while I've encountered the noun "a plum" being used to refer 
to somethins as being choice, I've never seen "plum pudding" used that way. 
The plum in plum pudding commonly refers to actual plums or raisins.


> "Plum" may not refer at all to a fruit, but to a translation of "good" as 
> in
> plum pudding.  I am also curious if anyone else sees this turning more 
> into
> a marmalade sort of affair . . . or is it my own prejudice of having made 
> it
> in the past, and thinking jams/jelies are right out (I suspect that is my
> prjudice showing through).  The pouring into a tinned fish kettle and "so
> you can lift it out" appears.  Really thick 'paste' came right to mind.
> niccolo difrancesco

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