[Sca-cooks] Rosine was Plum Butter

Volker Bach carlton_bach at yahoo.de
Wed Sep 19 12:06:01 PDT 2007

>Rumpolt most often refers to "kleine schwarze
>Rosein".  But also to "schwartze Rosein", "kleine
>Rosein", and in a few places to "grosse Rosein".  I
>had taken the small raisins to be what we call
>currents.  Could they perhaps be regular raisins and
>the "grosse Rosein" be dried plums?

It's possible, but I would doubt it. The usual term
for these would be duerre Pflaumen or Doerrpflaumen,
and Rumpoldt makes reference to dried fruit elsewhere
(can't recall plums, but apples definitely). Raisins
come in a wide variety of shapes, shades and sizes. A
good cook might well include in his instructions which
kind to use (to this day, a really good food retailer
in Germany will be able to sell you regular raisins
(Rosinen), currants (Korinthen) and white raisins

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