[Sca-cooks] Round one - Plum Butter

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Wed Sep 19 14:30:05 PDT 2007

>>The term "Weichsel" is a shortened version of  "Weichselkirsche."  While
>>commonly used to refer to cherries (Kirsch) the term also refers to the
>>River Vistula in specific and Poland in general.  I think what it being
>>stated is to use Polish plums.
> I have read modern references that "Latwergen" was often made with Asian 
> plums, so this is very likely.
> There are other places in Rumpolt where "weichsel" is used.  Could those 
> also refer to plums?
> Ranvaig

Not having gone over Rumpolt, I couldn't say.  It may be that Rumpolt is 
using the word consistently to refer to Polish plums, as "portugal" is used 
in some parts of Europe to refer to sweet oranges (introduced in the early 
16th Century by the Portuguese), or he may be using it with different 
meanings.  Since "weichsel" has several meanings and we don't know all of 
the possible uses of the word in the 16th Century, I would look at the 
context for clues.  Since Gwen Cat has worked extensively with Rumpolt, she 
may be able to offer us some guidance in the matter.


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