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Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 19 15:17:59 PDT 2007

> Please correct me if my idea of the purpose of SCA Cooks is erroneous.> Suey
Your idea of the purpose of SCA-Cooks is erroneous.
And it seems like either I or someone on this list has to
discuss this every six months or so. 
The list was originally created as a forum to discuss feasts
and how to make them better. Critique them and how they
were done. Learn more, share ideas.
Then some really good and knowledgeable people joined
and it because something more. It became a repository of
knowledge for period food and one of the few places on the
web at the time where correct period food was discussed.
Then this group of people grew even more. We became friends
and scholars and cooks and a community. It became not a
forum on the internet but a very large living room at my house
where everyone is welcome as long as they obey the rules of
common courtesy.
Think of a group of cooks sitting around a very large table with
books and the internet close at hand. We will talk about the 
things we love or or interested in. This usually pertains to food
but sometimes the conversation will veer off, as all conversations
do. When someone complains the usual answer is to simply not 
click on those posts, although this could be a mistake because the
posters often have the annoying habit of not changing subject
lines and the conversation could be something very interesting
and what you are looking for, or bring up a new subject on something
you want to hear about.
If you want to know something that you feel this forum was created
for then bloody ask a question. And I'm sure one of those people
talking like a pirate or discussing some non-period issue will then
give you an answer.
This board is a conversation among friends who also happen
to be passionate cooks. The rules of the board are pretty simple.
Number One: Don't be an ass. Remember the courtesy you would
afford as being a guest in someone's house.
Number Two: Don't post SPAM, pass on dire internet warnings,
try to get people to pass on messages for Little Timmy dying in
the hospital, unverified virus warnings, etc....
Number Three: Arguments and differences of opinion are welcome.
Flaming, name-calling, attitude or uncivil behaviour will get you booted.
Number Four: No .pdf or graphic postings.
Number Five: Never trust the Dutch.
Now, everyone please save this copy. This is the official Magna
Carta of the SCA-Cooks list. Perhaps I should just have this as
the welcome message for anyone who signs up.
Any other questions?
List Creator, Administrator and Moderator
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