[Sca-cooks] OT-OP-help for ideas, please

Lynn LRA at olpdsl.net
Sun Sep 23 20:49:20 PDT 2007

My father is in much the same circumstances. Although he is on pureed 
foods, he doesn't really like that and what he can still taste is sweet.

When he was a child, many a time they would have cornbread and 
buttermilk for a meal. He still likes that. So I make him cornbread, 
smash it up into small bits and put it in a glass and cover it with 
buttermilk. It gets really mushy and he will eat that when he will eat 
little else. He is also fond of sweet potatoes. So I cook them up, smash 
them with a little butter and he is happy to eat that as well.

And he will always eat ice cream or milk shakes.

At first I was concerned that eating a lot of ice cream and milk shakes 
and not a lot of protein foods would be a problem, but I realized it was 
far less of a problem than not eating anything at all. He also enjoys 
apple sauce (and other fruit sauces), custards, and puddings and will 
drink senior health shakes (very cold) because they are like milk shakes 
to him. The doctors told me that there is actually good food values in 
milk shakes.

One of the tricks they do at my father's care facility is to puree 
regular food and put a little honey in with it. The people eat it 
because it tastes a little sweet, which they want, and they are getting 
good food as well.

I bet you know what his favorites are. Make those and puree them. And if 
he eats a lot of sweets, its okay because he is eating something and 
something he enjoys.

Good luck with your grandfather. Remember to take care of yourself and 
your mother as well. Sometimes care givers put themselves last on the 
list and do not take proper care of themselves. It's also important for 
care givers to have some down time just for themselves. Remember to do that.

Lynn the Inquisitive

chawkswrth at aol.com wrote:
> Good Morning!
> I come to all of you, seeking some help, please. Both my Mother and I are about at the end of our rope.
> My Grandfather (her Father) is 101. He is in poor health, weak, with very painful Arthritis. We are having a great deal of trouble finding things that he will eat. 

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