[Sca-cooks] Food/recipe ideas

Terri Morgan online2much at cox.net
Mon Sep 24 20:45:26 PDT 2007

Hi All,
   I'm getting ready to attend the Norstead event (http://norstead.org/NGO/)
and am attending by myself - meaning that I'll be cooking by myself. It's a
full immersion event so the idea is that we don't do anything that wasn't
done during the Viking era. But the category of 'food' is kinda tricky. I
know I'm going to want hot food at night and I'm pretty sure that I'm going
to have to hide somewhere and use a butane stove to heat stuff up
occasionally* - I've got the frying pan and spiral griddle to use over the
fire for meat... but I'm drawing a blank for what to pack in the way of

Coolers are allowed but must be hidden at all times - and really, I don't
want to pack a big one anyway. I'm sort of thinking of using dry ice and
pre-cooking whatever I can seal in a boil-a-bag for dishes that would
normally be cooked in large quantities or require a 'real' kitchen - like
mashed parsnips, for instance, or savoury sauces.

So anyway, while I was brain-noodling what to bring the thought occurred to
me that it'd be a good discussion topic.

If *you* were going to a five-day event where you were on your own for lunch
and dinner and didn't want to leave the site once you got there - and if
your dry storage area was quite small (say a 1x1x2 foot six-board box) what
would you bring to eat? 

Got any good recipes? It's fall, so we're 'flush' when it comes to seasonal
foods. (I wish to gravy I'd bought Ann Hagen's books when I meant to. Too
late now...)

*I concentrated on fibre-arts supplies and only now considered that I might
not want to live off of dried meats, cheese, and apples and pears for _five
whole days_. Not to mention that a nice medicinal dose of herbed milk (read:
chai) might be nice when it starts getting cold and the camping-exhaustion
begins to set in...

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