[Sca-cooks] Food/recipe ideas

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Tue Sep 25 04:10:07 PDT 2007

Wow, another group to bookmark.
So what sources will NORSA accept in terms of food sources?
I know that Regia will quote informally the Viking answer lady and
cite the articles found here

    * Feasting and Fasting <http://www.regia.org/life/feasting.htm>
    * Fishing in Early Medieval Times
    * Food and Drink <http://www.regia.org/life/food.htm>

*I see that Breakfast each morning and a feast on Saturday are included 
in site fee.*
So could you take a small amount of cured ham, maybe pre-fried bacon, 
bread, oatcakes,
hard boiled eggs, fruits for the lunches? You could cook eggs or soups 
in the evening.
Barley with some meat? Fish? Freeze meat in advance and cook/fry as it 
Is anyone going to be selling fresh foods on site? What are the chances 
of a potluck or
a contributed dish supper?
You have October to pre-cook and try a few things at home before you 
leave anyway.
At least it's not this weekend.
I would guess that Devra could probably rush Hagen to you too. Other 
authors to check out
are Debby Banham's Food and Drink in Anglo-Saxon England.


Terri Morgan wrote:
> Hi All,
>    I'm getting ready to attend the Norstead event (http://norstead.org/NGO/)
> and am attending by myself - meaning that I'll be cooking by myself. It's a
> full immersion event so the idea is that we don't do anything that wasn't
> done during the Viking era. But the category of 'food' is kinda tricky. I'm sort of thinking of using dry ice and
> pre-cooking whatever I can seal in a boil-a-bag for dishes that would
> normally be cooked in large quantities or require a 'real' kitchen - like
> mashed parsnips, for instance, or savoury sauces.
> So anyway, while I was brain-noodling what to bring the thought occurred to
> me that it'd be a good discussion topic.
> If *you* were going to a five-day event where you were on your own for lunch
> and dinner and didn't want to leave the site once you got there - and if
> your dry storage area was quite small (say a 1x1x2 foot six-board box) what
> would you bring to eat? 
> Got any good recipes? It's fall, so we're 'flush' when it comes to seasonal
> foods. (I wish to gravy I'd bought Ann Hagen's books when I meant to. Too
> late now...)
> Hrothny

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