[Sca-cooks] kitchen tips

Beth Ann Bretter ladypeyton at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 21 10:43:02 PDT 2008

I've done so and paid the entrance fee many times.  I've worked 12 hour days doing other jobs at events and still paid.

Different strokes.


--- On Thu, 8/21/08, Kathleen A Roberts <karobert at unm.edu> wrote:

> > A large majority of event attendees work hard all day
> to 
> >make sure the event runs smoothely.  If everyone who 
> >volunteered time to the event got in free hardly anyone
> >would have to pay and there would be a problem paying
> the 
> >site their rental fee.
> if my crew comes in at 7 a.m., long before the doors open, 
> and cook and clean through 7 or 8 at night with breaks in 
> between for their sanity, i am not going to ask them to 
> pay.  that's for a big yuletide event.
> if my crew is three other people and me doing a feast for 
> 100, and being there long before everyone does, well, i 
> still feel the same.
> fortunately, we have good turnout at our events, and 
> budgets can be made without taking the cooking crew into 
> consideration as paying customers.
> cailte
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