[Sca-cooks] A question of service

Mary + Doug Piero Carey mary.doug at pierocarey.info
Fri Feb 1 18:33:08 PST 2008

hello all,

In mundanity, there are names for different types of meal service.  
Russian, French, Buffet, Family-style, etc.  I've read of different 
styles of service for feasts in the SCA, but I can't recall that I ever 
really heard any of them _named_.  So, my local group's next feast is 
probably going to be the type where you delegate 1 person from each 
table to go fetch the serving bowl or tray from the serving hatch.  
We've always had enough flunkies, er, lackeys, er, um, volunteers to 
fetch & carry before.  This is the 1st time we've tried it this way, and 
we don't know quite what to call it.  Can anyone tell me a good term to 
use?  Is there a recognizable SCAdian term for this style of service?
When the head cook asked me this question today, I was at a loss.  The 
only idea I came up with was "cooperative service", but I was just 
making it up out of my head.  Anyone got any ideas?

Yours, in puzzlement,

Maria from Alderford/Mary Piero Carey

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