[Sca-cooks] Surprising the Cook with a Peerage (bad), and 2nd Peerage Vigils (good)

Christine Seelye-King kingstaste at mindspring.com
Tue Feb 19 18:53:50 PST 2008

'Lainie wrote:
The day I got the offer for my Laurel, I practically had to be 
dragged into court, because I was busy cooking dinner. As concerned 
as I was about my precious chicken,  my friend Ursel said she'd take 
over until I got back. My notebook was therewith the recipe and my 
notes and when I came back to camp (albeit in shock) we were still on 
time and the chicken was happily bubbling away with its grapes and 
garlic (Hocchee). Behold, the power of the written word!

Sounds like me and my Pelican.  I was stunned, not altogether in a good way
(lots of emotions hit me all at once) and I was useless for a while.  My
lists were posted though, and my staff knew what to do, so thank god the
dinner all came out on time.  Now I try to make sure we never spring that
sort of surprise on anyone I know having it come up for them that might be
in a similar situation!

And to an earlier thread - Gunthar's vigil:  Since I was surprised with my
Pel, when it came time for my Laurel, I really wanted a vigil, and had a
wonderful one.  A good part of Friday evening was spent getting things set
up, but after about 2AM I got quiet time, which I desperately needed at that
point.  I sat down with my books and wrote my final version of what I wanted
to say in my ceremony, looked at the fire and the wonderful room my friends
had prepared for me, and really got to contemplate in serenity for a little
while.  It was absolutely what I needed and wanted.  I went to bed around 4
or 5 I guess. (Not an issue for me, I'm a night owl anyway.) The next day,
THLady Temair outdid herself with a "nuncheon" outside my vigil room (a
lodge/cabin at a state park we have used forever) while well-wishers came by
and stopped in to talk.  
I had wanted my parents to come out, but they were not able to make it.  We
got a video of a lot of what went on, including me showing everything I had
been gifted with.  When I showed my family the tape, my dad was sort of
nodding through it, until it got to the part that I was showing off my
gifts.  Niccolo had gifted me with a lovely large tin of saffron (I believe
he was moonlighting with the Pepperer's Guild at the time) and I was showing
it to the camera.  My dad (a great cook) sat up in his chair and said "WOW!!
That's a LOT of saffron!  They must really like you - this must really be
something!"  LOL It was like that tin of saffron validated my entire SCA
career for him in one fell swoop.  The peerages never meant anything to him,
but if it had garnered me that quality sort of goodie, it must all be worth
something.  :)

Enjoy your vigil, Gunthar, you've earned the accolade and I'm proud your
Kingdom is recognizing you for it.  
Hope you get some nifty goodies, too :)
Who still has a few good pinches of that saffron left ;)

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