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Did you know that it is a misconception that not for profit organizations
cannot make a profit.
They absolutely Can if they do it in the right way and report it correctly.
Thousands of charities do it every year and show some pretty big profits.

This inaccurate belief has been the bane of 501(c)3 corporations for a long
And we have all the fundraising options open to us that any other charity
does. They just aren't utilized.
It's just that when suggestions are made for good fund raisers they are shot
down a lot.

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Fundraising by padding event budgets is one of my hot button areas.? When I
was Kingdom Exchequer I was astounded to see that the groups in my kingdom
(Outlands) customarily made their money via events instead of specific
fundraisers.? When I asked why, almost to a person the answer was that since
we were a non profit corporation we were unable to make a profit.? The only
way they could see to fund their activities was to inflate the feast ticket
cost.? I didn't say it made any sense at all.? I had a very difficult time
making the right turn of not able to make a profit and then making one on
the event.
I would offer up that the manipulating of event budgets to cover operating
costs of the group/kingdom is the largest reason why financial committees
now must approve every nook and cranny of financial obligations.?
It doesn't mean we have to like it as cooks who are trying to provide a 
period" meal experience on a limited budget.? It does mean we have to get
better at the administration and budgeting of the food.?
Never mind the idea of putting bread and butter and soups and stews first to
fill up the populace so you can make less of the more expensive dishes.
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