[Sca-cooks] redaction of Sausages in Pottage?

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Wed Jan 9 19:08:40 PST 2008

Johnnae fave us the original of a requested recipe:
  *Ouverture de Cuisine*
(France, 1604 - Daniel Myers, trans.)
The original source can be found at MedievalCookery.com

Sausages in Pottage. Take sausages, & fry them in butter, then take four
or five peeled apples & cut into small quarters, & four or five onions
cut into rings, & fry them in butter, & put all of them into a pot with
the sausages, & put therein nutmeg, cinnamon, with red or white wine,
sugar, & let them then all stew.

Okay, this sounds easy enough, although I usually prefer to start  
from someone else's redaction.

Gwen Cat, do you have a redaction for this recipe?

At least it gives some quantities but only some. So let's start off  
4 small peeled, quartered apples  (preferred type?)
4 small onions, cut into rings
3 (4?) sausage links (I'm assuming the sausage won't cook done much,  
but the apples and onions will)
1 tsp.? nutmeg
1 tsp ? cinnamon
2 C red wine (I tend to prefer white wines to drink, but I think I'd  
want the red wine for color here)
3 T ? sugar (I'm assuming this isn't supposed to be sweet, but to  
take some bite off of the onions or sour apples)
butter for frying

Fry apples and onions in butter. I'm assuming this is implying both  
get fried.
Cut sausages into chunks about the size of the onions and apples.
Add apples and onions to sausage chunks in stewpot, add wine and  
spices and let simmer.

How long to simmer? How much nutmeg and cinnamon? How much wine to  
start with? How much should it be boiled down during the simmering/  
It does say "pottage", so I assume the resulting mixture is to be  
fairly thick and the onions and apples are cooked until soft.

Comments? Suggestions?

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