[Sca-cooks] FW: OOP - Culinary challenge for a feeding tube patient

Georgia Foster jo_foster81 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 21 09:29:11 PST 2008

I have an acquaintance who had a gall bladder surgery go horribly horribly wrong.  They nicked the bowel and did not catch it.  he went septic, spent a month in intensive care, another three months in hospital and another six months in a care facility.  Rex went form a strapping (well ... OK ... overweight) 220 pounds to 90 pounds that was basically skin and bones and not much else.

Rex has been home now almost two years. He has a nasogastric tube that is similar to the esophegastric tube discussed. He also states that he can "taste" the Nutra.  He tells us it is vanilla flavored but never mentioned the wood taste.  There is also a chocolate flavored something that he gets ... but I don't recall if this is Nutra or something else.  His mother provides basic care for him.  I am pretty sure she 'feeds' him other stuff as well.  I can ask her what she uses to supplement his rather steady diet of cans of liquid.  

Our prayers are with your friend and his family ... this is tough.


Jo (Georgia L.) Foster

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