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Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 21 10:19:26 PST 2008

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If the Nutren is milky, are other milky creamy things do-able?  I'm
thinking, New England clam chowder without the floaties, but with clam
juice and infused with black pepper.  I'm thinking, sea food = good
mineral content.> > > > > > > >

How's about using almond milk and chicken parts for a stock.  Wing tips,
backs, necks and the like will give some gelatin and fats for more flavor
and protein.  If you use some pot herbs in the blender before straining,
then you can get some minerals in that way . . . maybe chrevil or good old

roux based sauces could add fat and a little fiber, even witha  faitrly thin
sauce (like that clam chowder thing).  Pureed fruits or baby food textured
stuff thinned out could also maybe work?  Strained sauteed herbed carrots?
Pureed banana and brown sugar, thinned with almond millk?  Dissolving some
tomato pasted into beef broth could add some variety as a base.  Sea salt
may add some little bit of added minerals.

niccolo difrancesco

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