[Sca-cooks] Everything old is new again

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Fri Jan 25 13:39:27 PST 2008

To be fair, at the Korean place I sometimes partake, a couple of their fish dishes are cooked and served whole, including guts, which, the first time kind of threw me, but hey, I'm a SCAdian so I'm used to seeing stuff not ordianry.


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> OK, I must confess, we had one major faux pas in last year's
> competition, but it was not enough to kill us outright as everything
> else we did was pretty much spot on. We had been given a frozen fish
> in our box. It was the last thing we were to cook and we were running
> out of time. So I made this wonderful bed of spinach, then poached
> the fish in wine with saffron and leeks and onion and then garnished
> it with almonds. It was beautiful. But it was a WHOLE fish. As in, it
> needed gutting. I was in such a hurry, I forgot to do it.
> Now in my defense, I will say that it is extremely unusual for a
> packaged frozen fish to arrive in an uncleaned state in this day and
> age in the United States. So accustomed to the usual state of such
> things, it didn't even occur to me that it hadn't been cleaned. Thus,
> I have recruited Selene to be my fish inspector.
> Dragon

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