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   Dragon <dragon at crimson-dragon.com> wrote:
> How did you utilize it?
> You did soak it and remove much of the salt, yes?

I was wondering this as well. I thought the entire siege cooking  
competition only lasted a few hours. I didn't think you could get  
enough of the salt out in one soak, and certainly wouldn't have  
enough time for multiple soakings.

Then cailte replied with
<<< first i soaked it in water, then in milk, then in water,
then in milk, then in water yet again and was satisfied
with non-saltiness and suppleness.  i remembered watching
my mother soak salt cod in alternate water and milk, and i
thought, what the heck?

then i chopped it up, marinated it in wine with onion and
black pepper, and at the last added some home-made sour
cream (cream and white wine).  i may have added some
horseradish, but that might have been another seige
basket. >>>

So long did each of the soakings take?

<<< it turned out pretty good, IF you like pickled herring. >>>

After all that prep work did it look like fish? Or more like just  
mashed up food of some indistinguishable type? Maybe this is the  
recipe for those who don't like fish!

<<< but my hands smelt like fish for most of estrella. 8(
  even washing my hair didn't help. >>>

Sounds like washing your hands would have been more effective than  
washing your hair. But maybe that's just the way things are done in  
Atenveldt. What part do you wash if your feet smell like fish? :-)

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