[Sca-cooks] foodie road trip and request for suggestions

Mairi Ceilidh jjterlouw at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 27 17:01:39 PST 2008

We did our Holiday shopping at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods (Harry's) this
year, but we had to drive close to six hours to get there.  I hit the good
stores every time I'm in Atlanta.

As for your Buddha hand, I got one of those at Christmas along with
everything else.  I candy the whole thing when I get one.  There is no waste
('cause those things are too expensive to waste).  Your idea of marmalade
does sound interesting, though.  Let us know what you do.

Mairi Ceilidh

So yesterday I finally had the time and inclination to drive to Ann Arbor
(45 min drive) to hit the Trader Joes and Whole Foods markets.  Sadly my
home town is kind of lacking in that respect.  I was restrained (budgetary
concerns) so only spent about $200 (I could have spent way more).  Some of
the more interesting items I scored: 
White fish caviar from NY
A double cream brie that was exquisite
A 2 yr old Wisconsin cheddar
Some fantastic bread, 
Yuzu preserves
A bunch of other stuff (chocolate with curry powder, dried figs, meat, other
cheeses, olives, bread, candies, sunchokes) but most interesting Whole Foods
had Hand of Buddha Citron.  It smelled amazing and I just couldn't resist it
(it also cost $10 for one).  So now my problem is, how do I get the most
bang for my buck (so to speak). Do I: 
Candy the peel in a medieval fashion (and therefore throw most of it away).
Do I candy peel and pith the modern way and get the most use out of it. Do I
make a small batch of marmalade with it, therefore getting the most usable
So what would cooks on the list do, or what have they done with this fruit. 

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