[Sca-cooks] Interesting, OOP NY Times Food History article...

Christiane christianetrue at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 31 10:47:20 PST 2008

>See??? I TOLD all those people that margarine is one of the great  
>evils of the age! But would they listen??? NOOOOOOOO!!!

LOL! Actually, his own father died when I was 5 of heart disease.

Old-school Italians actually never used a lot of olive oil in their everyday cooking, because it was just too darn expensive. Both Grandma and Grandpa favored lard and animal fats. And they brought that taste with them. I was reading a cookbook called "Naples at Table," where the woman who described her own method of making a potato and eggplant stew. She pretty much used lard or bits of whatever fat she could find in the fridge, admitting that her health-conscious, olive-oil-affording kids would be horrified if they knew. So she doesn't tell them. So much for that "healthy" Mediterranean diet!


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