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Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Thu Jul 24 09:17:24 PDT 2008

Stefan li Rous wrote:
>Dragon replied to me with:
>Stefan li Rous wrote:
>What's a "black-and-blue" porterhouse steak? Somehow, beating the
>live steer until it is black-and-blue doesn't seem like the right
>thing to do and the adrenaline would likely have an adverse effect...
>---------------- End original message. ---------------------
>It is a thick cut steak, usually from the loin portion of the animal,
>that is seared over very high heat so that the outside is heavily
>caramelized (or even slightly charred) and the center is still red or
>even raw.>>>
>Ah! Okay. Sounds like how many of the SCA experiences in trying to
>roast a whole pig turn out.

That's because people don't understand that you don't roast OVER the 
fire but to the SIDE of it.

>I can now understand where the "black" comes from, but anyone know
>where the "blue" does?
><<< It's quite delicious served with a really good Balsamico to dip
>it in.>>>
>What is Balsamico? Is this a sauce made with balsamic vinegar?

Balsamic vinegar. A good one.

The Italian name for what I am refering to is "balsamico riserva" 
hence I call it Balsamico for short. There are specific requirements 
for a vinegar to get that appelation, among which are it has to be 
from the area around Modena and it has to be aged for a specific 
minimum time (I believe 15 years IIRC).

A lot of the stuff you find labelled as "balsamic vinegar" in a lot 
of supermarkets isn't really anything like the real thing. The real 
thing, like good wine, is not cheap but it is truly worth it as far 
as I am concerned.


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