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> Oh yes. I didn't grow up eating much chicken, and when I started cooking
> in the SCA, dealing with mass amounts of raw or even cooked chicken
> squicked me. My friend Sarah helped me with that, until finally we did Hen
> in Broth for several hundred and I ended up deboning and chopping the
> chicken (it was for a dayboard) as it came out of the soup. I'm much
> better about chicken now.

there are two birds that i will slaughter and butcher
with an evil grin on my face. chickens and turkeys.
my grandfather and uncle both had chickens and turkeys
that were raised for the eggs. sold to hatcheries.

turkey hens are just plain stupid. they would all pack
into a corner of the fenced area, roughly 5 acres, and
smother the ones on the bottom of the pile. the toms are
just plain mean. the toms wanted to peck your eyes out.
the toms would beat me with their wings and peck at me
while i was attempting to clean their water and feed
troughs. i killed this one huge tom with the scrub brush.
one of those 3ft long scrub brushs with a bristle part
roughly the size of the palm of your hand. he came at me
and was beating me with his wings and crashing into me
with his breast and trying to peck my eyes and face. i saw
him making his run at me and backhanded him in the head
with the scrub brush. broke his neck. he ran around for
a minute before he dropped over. my punishment for killing
him was to pluck and gut him. he weighed in at 23 lbs

chickens are also mean. i rung many a chicken's neck
while helping on the farms.


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