[Sca-cooks] Fish at feasts

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 20 17:29:21 PST 2008

One of these days, I keep saying that I will put on a "Feast of Fish" 
during Lent.  Yes, it may be odd that a Jewish American Pagan is even 
aware of this kind of thing, but I consider it part of Medieval Life 
that most moderns ignore.  Actually, it was the reason for the 
bouillabaisse at Black Oak that time;  that event is normally scheduled 
near the Vernal Equinox, inevitably during Lent.  And yet we feast like 
kings.  We would be doing penance until the following spring, Back In 
The Day.  Well anyway, I decided to do my part for people's souls and 
their tummies.  Wish I could remember which recipe I had used.

Huette von Ahrens wrote:
> I served poached salmon at a feast for 300+.  It was a period recipe, poached in beer.  Everyone loved it.  A few people later told me that they normally hated fish, but loved what I served.

Aye, and is that not the finest compliment?  :-D
> I have also done pickled herring, which went over very well.
I did that once as well, in a Russian course.  Nummers.  There was a 
notable earl [Eadward Ian Anderson] who loved the stuff and got his 
friends to love it too.
> I also considered doing lutefisk, but turned it into a subtlety/joke dish and served almond jello instead, molded like a fish.  Only two people complained about the substitution.

I plead guilty to instigating that.  I will make it up to Tryggve one 
day.  But did you want to take home the inevitable leftovers?  :-P

With fondness,

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