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Thu Oct 2 12:51:14 PDT 2008

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"Clumping" cat litter _may_ clog your toilet, if the clumps you try to flush
are too big and/or your toilet doesn't flush well.

Regular granular clay-based cat litter that does not clump (I use Tidy Cat)
generally will not clog your toilet unless you try to flush a metric
butt-load of it all at once. > > > > > > > > >

Sewrage function update (I was a sewerage commissioner in town . . . and
have a plumber opening a business in my property):  There is a fairly narrow
range of flow rate wherein the solids keep pace with the liquids in the
sewer pipe after the toilet is flushed.  What happens with regular cat
litter is that the water outruns the particulate in the slight slope of the
pipe.  The grains will fall out of the water and then build up in an area.
At that/those spots, still more particulate will fall out as water/litter
flows over, which will build up more and more with whatever solid material
is going through.  You have to keep in mind that sending too big a load of
solids per volume of water will leave sediment in the lines that can and
will attract still more sediment.  More sediment means more bloackage until
that wad of paper clogs the whole works.  That sewage pipe could one day
clog unless you/plumber will pressure flush the lines.  Could be ten years,
could be 50.

Smaller and lighter particle litter will more easily float and flow with the
'effluent' (water) and keep it moving to the main line.  The ones that are
compressed sawdust and plant matter have a better chance than the ground
clay/cement litters on the market.  Flushable ones likely disintegrate down
into floatable particulate that will carry away with the flush.  Even that
in too large a wad at one time can cause issues.

niccolo difrancesco

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