[Sca-cooks] Canning/Largesse

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Wed Oct 15 05:51:20 PDT 2008

The vinegar probably does preserve the mustard, but I can mine anyways (at 
our altitude, 15 mins in a boiling water bath).  It helps ensure against bad 
buggy-do's, and it also seals the lids against leakage if they're being 

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> Gunthar commented:
> <<< That's a cool idea. I'd love to hand out batches of
> canned food or jellies as largesse. I'd personally
> like to make a huge batch of spiced mustard
> to hand out as gifts. I've been told that people have
> gotten addicted to my mustards. >>>
> Do you really need to can mustards? I thought the vinegar would
> preserve them. 

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