[Sca-cooks] When does torten = pie crust?

Marion McNealy m_mc_nealy at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 15 11:10:44 PDT 2008

I'm working on a new redaction of Sabina Welserin's recipe #132 Cinnamon Tart.
Of the redactions that I have been able to find of this recipe, all of them call for it to be placed in a pie crust, yet Sabina is pretty clear in the rest of her cookbook when a torten is to be placed in a pie crust and when its not (see recipes below). 

So, is this just a modern cookery thing that all tart like dishes must be placed in pie crusts, or is it possible that these were baked just in pans without crusts like a modern cake? I have tried looking up the word torten in the MHG dictionaries online, with no luck. I'm curious if anyone has done a word study to see how this word has changed in meaning?   I wonder if the word tart refers more to how it was baked than the presence of a pie crust (see recipe #136 below). 

Thanks, Sophia

Recipes below

MHG from Thomas Gloning's site
Ain rerlentorten

Nim ain halb pfúnd mandel, mer oder minder, gestosen,
darnach man sý will grosß machen, nim púterschmaltz, siben
air, das weisß darúon, solchs dúrchainandergemischt, nachmals
ain lot rerlen darúnder, doch der merer tail daraúfgestret 
vnnd die torten mit rossenwasser besprengt, aúch soll
man darzú nemen vngeferlich ain 1/2 pfúnd zúcker, daranthon/
jst aúch gút/ nemlich ain eitterlin vom kalb gesotten 
vnnd klaingehackt.

English from Valoise Armstrong's translation
132 A cinnamon tart 

Take a half pound of
ground almonds, more or less, according to how large a tart one will
make. Take butter and the whites from seven eggs. Mix everything
together, afterwards put a half ounce of cinnamon into it, the
largest part, however, sprinkled on top, and sprinkle the tart with
rose water. Also take about a half pound of sugar and put it in. The
white fat from a leg of veal, cooked and finely chopped, is also
especially good. 

These recipe specifically mentions a pie crust
131 To make a pear

Take the pears and
peel them, then fry them in fat, put them into a mortar and pound
them well, put rose sugar and rose water in it, put ginger, cloves,
cinnamon and sugar therein. Taste it, make a pastry shell as for
other tarts, make no cover for the top and bake until crisp. 

136 A bread tart 

Take white bread and
grate it, take cream, stir it together, so that it becomes thick like
a pudding. Take six egg yolks, beat them well and with spices
thereon, put everything together in a pastry shell, and bake it like
other tarts. 

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