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Volker Bach carlton_bach at yahoo.de
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--- Stanza693 at wmconnect.com <Stanza693 at wmconnect.com> schrieb am Do, 16.10.2008:

> I bought some powdered salad dressing mixes when we were
> stationed in 
> Wiesbaden.  I adored the cucumber salads that we were able
> to get and thought I could 
> do it myself when we returned Stateside.  Unfortunately, I
> never learned more 
> than "restaurant" speak so I haven't had much
> luck with the mix the times 
> I've tried it.  I could have sworn the real stuff was
> sour cream-y tasting, but 
> all I see that I recognize is water and oil.  
> I'm not sure how much of this is the instructions, but
> maybe someone could 
> pick out the relevant part and let me know what to do???  
> (Some of the words 
> will look funny because I don't have anyway to add the
> umlauts.)

> Fur 2-4 Portionen Salat:
> 1 Gurke oder 150-200 g Blattsalat z.B. Frisee oder
> Chinakohl

For 2-4 portions of salad: 1 cucumber, or 150g leafy salad greens e.g. Frisee or Chinakohl (I'm not entirely sure of the translations and can't look them up, but Chinakohl is sort of like a big chicoree and frisee is basically fuzzy lettuce)
> Zubereitung:  Den Inhalt eines Beutels in eine
> Salatschussel geben, mit 1 EL 
> Wasser (bei Blattsalaten benotigen Sie 3 EL Wasser) und 3
> EL Ol verruhren.  
> Zugabe von Essig nicht erforderlich.  Vorbereitete Zutaten
> gut abtropfen lassen 
> und unter die fertige Salatsauce mischen.

Preparation: empty the contents of the bag into a salad bowl, mix with 1 tbsp of water (3 tbsp for leafy salads) and 3 tbsp of oil. No added vinegar necessary. Drain prepared ingredients thoroughly and mix with the salad dressing. 

> Tipp:  Dillkrauter - Dressing gelingt auch perfect mit 4 EL
> Joghurt, susser 
> oder sauerer Sahne an Stelle von Ol.

Hint: Dill-herb dressing also turns out perfectly using 4 tbsp of yoghurt, sweet cream or sour cream instead of oil. 

this part may be what you are looking fpor. Note that German 'sweet cream' (suesse Sahne)is the consistency of whipping cream, no heavier, and German 'sour cream' (saure Sahne) is unseasoned and has the consistency of yoghurt while being richer and heavier. A good fuill-fat yoghurt is probably the best substitutes as most German yoghurts tend to be watery and light.

 I'm travelling ATM, but if you remind me Wednesday I'll have access to my cookbooks again and can dig out a salad dressing recipe for you. The Dr Oetker's school cookery book is bound to have the yoghurt cucumber salad in it.

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