[Sca-cooks] OOP PETA's Suggestion to Ben and Jerry from anotherrecovering lactator

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Sun Sep 28 15:32:10 PDT 2008

In all seriousness, and please take into account that I am in no way 
associated with PETA (nor do I wish to be), I do think that the point that 
they were trying to make, bizarre as it may seem, is that human consumption 
of any animal's milk is neither more nor less strange than human consumption 
of human milk.  All milk is produced for the nourishment of the young of 
that species.  That we humans have chosen, over the millenia, to selectively 
domesticate and breed several species of mammals for milk production doesn't 
argue against this.
Mind you, I'm a happy and omnivorous eater of many dairy products, and I 
think PETA is populated with a bunch of silly gits, but this was just a 
publicity stunt to make a point about their opposition to dairy animals and 
dairy farming.
--Maire, actually headed out the door...to buy milk....

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> Greetings, all!
> Being another recovering lactator, this issue has insured that I will 
> never
> have the slightest interest in anything PETA says ever again, not that I 
> had
> much use for them before this. I just weaned my youngest and last, earlier
> than I wanted to because of my need to address my own medical issues.
> Their logic, what there is of it, is faulty too. Human breast milk (as 
> well
> as any mammalian milk) is for _baby_ humans. When you are no longer a 
> baby,
> you do not need this any more. Cows, goats, sheep, and a few other animals
> have been bred for millenia to be dairy animals, which all of us on the
> cook's list are perfectly well familiar with. So, taking it to another
> logical but extreme conclusion, are those mush-brained ninnies at PETA
> proposing we start breeding humans as dairy animals? 

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