[Sca-cooks] OOP PETA's Suggestion to Ben and Jerry fromanotherrecovering lactator

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Yes, you are correct, I remember a bumper sticker that said 'Cow's milk is 
for baby cows." I just find PETA incredibly annoying; I certainly believe in 
treating animals (and people) humanely but they're just silly. One of these 
days a veggie head is going to get crosswise of me on the wrong day and I'll 
brunoise them and serve them up for supper.
Slightly less cranky now. Is there such a thing as a publicity stunt that 
isn't silly? This one just really got up my nose. I forwarded the story to 
Dan, I knew he would find it amusing.
I think I'll talk to our local baron about putting on armor and hitting 
things, probably a better way to deal with crankiness than kvetching on the 
Anyway, thanks again for your patience. I can't eat as much dairy as I used 
to, but at least with Lactaid milk I can have it in my coffee again, and I 
learned how to make cheese last weekend at our baronial cook's guild 
meeting, so life is good. Made a lovely gjetost, had some with my supper 
tonight. I wonder how Lactaid milk would work with cheese? Have to try it.

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.
Frank Zappa

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like 
administering medicine to the dead.
Thomas Paine
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> In all seriousness, and please take into account that I am in no way 
> associated with PETA (nor do I wish to be), I do think that the point that 
> they were trying to make, bizarre as it may seem, is that human 
> consumption of any animal's milk is neither more nor less strange than 
> human consumption of human milk.  All milk is produced for the nourishment 
> of the young of that species.  That we humans have chosen, over the 
> millenia, to selectively domesticate and breed several species of mammals 
> for milk production doesn't argue against this.
> Mind you, I'm a happy and omnivorous eater of many dairy products, and I 
> think PETA is populated with a bunch of silly gits, but this was just a 
> publicity stunt to make a point about their opposition to dairy animals 
> and dairy farming.
> --Maire, actually headed out the door...to buy milk....
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>> Greetings, all!
>> Being another recovering lactator, this issue has insured that I will 
>> never
>> have the slightest interest in anything PETA says ever again, not that I 
>> had
>> much use for them before this. I just weaned my youngest and last, 
>> earlier
>> than I wanted to because of my need to address my own medical issues.
>> Their logic, what there is of it, is faulty too. Human breast milk (as 
>> well
>> as any mammalian milk) is for _baby_ humans. When you are no longer a 
>> baby,
>> you do not need this any more. Cows, goats, sheep, and a few other 
>> animals
>> have been bred for millenia to be dairy animals, which all of us on the
>> cook's list are perfectly well familiar with. So, taking it to another
>> logical but extreme conclusion, are those mush-brained ninnies at PETA
>> proposing we start breeding humans as dairy animals?
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