[Sca-cooks] Margarine Reminiscences, was Honey Butter

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>From what I can remember of the taste...you did not miss much!  Thank 
goodness I could go to my other Grandparents, who had a farm, and eat and 
make real butter!
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>I grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, and the border with Wisconsin 
>("America's Dairyland") was not far away. In the 1950s and early 60s, the 
>family sometimes traveled on Sunday afternoon to lunch at somewhat rustic 
>restaurants not far from Wisconsin. I was always puzzled by the number of 
>people from Wisconsin (Wisconsinians? Wisconsinites? Wisconsiners?) who'd 
>drive over the border to buy margarine. I remember seeing blocks of white 
>oleo (as it was called) with little pouches of extremely yellow coloring 
>one had to knead in.
> We never ate margarine in our house, so it's an experience i never had.
> Urtatim
> still pointing the finger at certain food chains for the popularity of 
> honey butter in the early SCA
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