[Sca-cooks] translations of Scappi's 'Opera'

Louise Smithson helewyse at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 6 10:32:15 PDT 2009

To answer the questions
1) It is an almost complete translation, all the recipe books are translated, it is only the menus which are lacking from the Scully translations. 
2) Other translations of Scappi are not available, other than the odd recipes I have translated over the years and put on my website (http://www.geocities.com/helewyse).  If you google Scappi and recipes you do get a few other hits, usually one or two recipes. 

The original Italian is now available free online (Fascimile of 1560 edition I think of the top of my head) in two locations. But other than Scully there is no full translation anywhere.  Go buy the book. 

The only other translation that I know of is the partial translation by
Mistress Heloise...and she has published her notes on where she differs with
Scully.  I believe Scully's translation is a full one, but Heloise can
answer this far better than I can.


> *Is* this volume (Scully's translation of Scappis 'Opera') a full
> translation?
> And would some of the cookbook experts here like to describe how this
> volume compares to other translations of Scappi's work? And what are the
> other translations which are available?


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