[Sca-cooks] "new cuts of beef"

Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius adamantius1 at verizon.net
Wed Apr 29 09:43:16 PDT 2009

On Apr 29, 2009, at 11:25 AM, Myles Durga wrote:

> Okay, I am tired of my grocery store changing the names on the cuts  
> of meat every month or so.  I have started to visually identify each  
> so I can at least try and be consistant with getting what I want.
> BUT.  Does anyone know of a 3-day butchers class or some such  
> nonsense that I can go to learn and see for myself.
> Kinda like one of those cooking vacations to tuscany, which are  
> mostly owned by Americans anyway.

I agree on the local cooking classes (for all I know, some high-end  
butcher shops and fine groceries may offer them occasionally).

You can also find a DVD here:


It's more about primary/fabricated-cut butchering than you probably  
want or need, but it does seem to make it pretty clear where on the  
animal the standard cuts come from, and more importantly, what they  
were doing for the animal when it was alive, which is useful in  
figuring out what to do with them. There's a YouTube clip from it on  
the site, showing the removal and trimming of a flank steak from the  
bottom sirloin, which is attached to the round, a.k.a. A Leg.

As opposed to chuck, which is sometimes known as An Arm.

I'm just sayin'.


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