[Sca-cooks] Largesse: What to avoid.

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Mon Aug 10 20:36:48 PDT 2009

>His Grace Gunthar suggested a few things NOT to give as gifts (ie: 
>not meant to be handed on) to Crowns:
><<< Anything with the Kingdom Arms on it. That makes it Kingdom
>Regalia and they don't get to keep it. >>>
>Oh! I hadn't thought of that. What if the item had both the Kingdom 
>arms and their personal arms on it? I could see something like that 
>meant as a rememberance of their time as the Crown.

<disclaimer> I am in no way a herald, this is what I was told </disclaimer>

Use the populace badge if you want royalty to keep the item after the 
reign.  We just went through this in the Midrealm Textile guild. We 
embroidered napkins for the Pennsic State Dinner, with the populace 
badge for the kingdom.


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