[Sca-cooks] How was Pennsic?

Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Tue Aug 11 19:07:26 PDT 2009

Well, Stefan, Pennsic was, as usual, less interesting because you
weren't there ;-) About time you returned.

This year was, as has been mentioned, pretty damp. Even on the days it
didn't rain, we often had a late night rain shower, but my home-made
A-frame tent kept me quite dry, and I was quite pleased that at the
end of War, the grass under it was still mostly very green, since I
wasn't using a floor. My beloved willow trees are quite efficient at
keeping camp pretty dry ;-)

Original plan was to do the pottery cooking twice, once first week,
and once the second week, both on Wednesday, but first week was
raining enough that Michael and Elaine decided not to do it then,
although Galefridus used his tagine to cook some excellent chicken
under our dining fly, and we added a few little things to make up a
meal. We did cook with Elaine's pottery on Friday, and things went
very well.

And Michael, Elaine and I spent about 4 hours looking over some
special artifacts, pottery shards, he had acquired from a dig in
Israel, ranging from Roman times up through the Crusades. He didn't
show these shards in his classes onsite because they were too valuble
and carefully numbered, and he'd hve been in deep trouble if any had
gone missing, but he had others he showed in his A&S classes. He had
made some reproductions of coins from the Crusades, and one of my
students made him a hole punch, so he "traded" me one of them. He also
gave me a copy of his lecture materials from his Pennsic classes. He
says I'm the only student he has that he brings the lectures to ;-)

Saturday, my Mom arrived. Spent most of the first couple days
bitching, but slowly got more and more into what Pennsic is about, and
by the time she left the following St, was rather sorry to go. She
told me yesterday, that she really hadn't relized what a special place
she was in, until she stopped at a rest area, in the rest room with
some biker types, and heard them talking all about how they were going
to beat someone's ass, yadda yadda. Was awfully hrd on her, though, in
terms of mobility. If I manage to bring her again, I'll see about
renting her a scooter of some sort.

Monday and Tuesday, I was tied up in recerting for BFA and CPR. Was
almost out of class, and I got a phone call telling me that not only
had an old friend died, but his Memorial service was going on Right
Then, so my instructors let me out of class, and I took the test the
next day. Still hven't quite figured out the path of information that
led to me finding out just in the nick of time, but I was very glad to
have been able to be there, although most of the people there were
Chivs (not surprising since the friend was Chiv). But, as it happened,
we all had other friends in common, and many stories were shared.

Wednesday, we did the big Open Fire Cookery thing. Anne Marie joined
us for a time, and much good food was shared by all. I'll post the
pictures as soon as Michael tells me he's got them up.

Other things, and other prties happened, but generally we all hd a
good time as usual.

Time to come back home, Stefan ;-)

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 5:47 PM, Stefan li
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> <<< I've been catching up on e-mail since our return from Pennsic VERY late
> last
> night.
> Shoshanna (who is very tired but thankfully no longer muddy) >>>
> "no longer muddy"??? Uh oh.
> I haven't heard any real reports about Pennsic this year yet and didn't get
> to go this year.
> So what happened? And I'm not really interested in who won what battles,
> since I'm sure to hear plenty of that on other lists. I'm more interested in
> what the weather was like, who did what, did anyone take any interesting
> classes etc.
> Thanks,
>  Stefan
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