[Sca-cooks] From the author of the Controversial Florilegium article

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Tue Aug 11 19:19:35 PDT 2009

 From the author of the controversial Florilegium article with her  

<<< THe crown was not my concern for my father's potential elevation.  
THe crown, and I don't know who actually desided this, I understand  
was only saying this to defuse a growing situation, due to my article.  
THey are actually all ver supportive friends of mine. KNowing them  
they may be trying to protect me form the backlash. It does bother me  
that they told me to remove it at all, but I was horribly worried  
about calling the wrong attention to my father. You know, if the wrong  
person doesn't like him. dot. dot. dot. and several of the wrong  
people were taking an interest in this and his support in me.
Please remember: Though I am an adult, I'm only 20 and very human and  
what I say can still wildly misunderstood. Um... Much like my article  
actually. I wrote it with good intentions. Thank you for all your  
support and advice, by the way.
I apoligize to anyone I may or may not have gotten in trouble. I still  
stand by what I wrote. i was not in the wrong, as alot of great people  
have been nice enough to point out to me. I stick to my conviction,  
but maybe I could have worded it a might differently. THat seems to be  
where all the trouble lies.
Any more suggestions are fully welcome.
Lady Gormlaith HRothgarsdottir >>>

Her email address is: crazedkat3 at yahoo.com

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