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For an earlier take there is always De Honesta.
These two "recipes" come from the first five books so are not included in
Martino, etc. 

BK2 #12 De Persico Preserved Fresh Peaches. To keep fresh peaches bringe
them overnight, remove them from the brine, place in a jar with salt,
vinegar and savory.

BK2 #12 De Persico Peaches in Wine. Cut them in pieces and cook, or soften
them in wine. Serve as a final course following roasted meat.


On 8/25/09 6:27 PM, "Johnna Holloway" <johnnae at mac.com> wrote:

> I took a look at the 1633 edition of The herball or Generall historie of
> plantes. Gathered by Iohn Gerarde of London.
> It's the one online so it's easy to use. He lists in Chapter 94 the
> following kinds:
> "THere are diuers sorts of Peaches besides the foure here set forth by
> our Author, but the trees do not much differ in shape, but the
> difference chiefely consists in the fruit, whereof I will giue you the
> names of the choice ones, and such as are to be had from my friend M^r .
> Millen in Old-street, which are these; two sorts of Nutmeg Peaches; The
> Queenes Peach; The Newington Peach; The grand Carnation Peach; The
> Carnation Peach; The Blacke Peach; the Melocotone; the White; The
> Romane; The Alberza; The Island Peach; Peach du Troy. These are all good
> ones. He hath also of that kinde of Peach which some call Nucipersica or
> Nectorins, these following kindes; the Roman red, the best of fruits;
> the bastard Red; the little dainty green; yellow; the white; the russet,
> which is not so good as the rest. Those that would see any fuller
> discourse of these may haue recourse to the late worke of M^r . Iohn
> Perkinson, where they may finde more varieties, and more largely
> handled, and therefore not necessarie for me in this place to insist
> vpon them."
> He mentions a red peach, the Persica praecocia, or the d'auant Peach, a
> white peach, and a Persica lutea, or the yellow Peach.
> Hope this helps,
> Johnnae
> Jennifer Carlson wrote:
>> snipped
>> If I were to try using ingredients closer to those of the time period of the
>> recipe, what varieties of peaches and what wines would be appropriate
>> equivalents?
>>  In servicio et humilitate,Talana
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