[Sca-cooks] I have seen everything....

rattkitten rattkitten at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 27 19:48:52 PDT 2009

Ok to the SCA folks sorry OOP but strangely On Topic....

DC List you are getting this cause it is to damn funny....

What kind of world is it becoming when The FOOD Network steals from 
Comedy Central?
Oh MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry i just did a search on the Site.... THEY REALLY ARE Stealing It 
from South Park!!!!!!!!
Up top they have the Title What Would Brian Boitano Do?  But the Do Is 
Scratched out and it has Make in it's place...

Now since I am a HUGE FAN of South Park I just found this 

Master A this is for you!!!!!!!!!!!  


aka Ratt (That would be for the Dragon Con Group)

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