[Sca-cooks] Google Gets Everywhere!

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Fri Aug 28 12:35:05 PDT 2009

Stefan posted:

> If you drag the little 'man' icon to I-79 the main highway to the
> right of Cooper lake campground, you can see that when they did the
> driveby view, was during Pennsic, all the tents on the Serengeti are
> set up.

I discovered that if you do a Google map search for the Cooper's Lake  
address, the map actually shows the camp roads - Servant's Path,  
Cooper's Loop, Great Middle Highway, etc.? Cool and crazy at the same  


I was amused by that as well. However, not all the roads are shown,  
just the ones that, I think, are paved in asphalt. The ones that are  
dirt, and are probably bladed, or marked out each summer, are not.  
This is most obvious out in the Serengetti, where during Pennsic there  
is a much more extensive network or orthogonal blocks.

When the big hurricane swept through the Gulf Wars site several years  
ago, the site owner used this to his advantage. The rebuilding money  
was only available for areas that were developed, with named roads and  
such. The owner was able to pull out and the SCA maps and show that  
yes, indeed, his site did have a network of named roads.

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