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Not exactly Vehling, but the recipe in question courtesy of Flower and 

IUS IN LUCUSTA ET CAMMARIS: indura cepam pallachanam concisam.  eius piper, 
ligusticum, carcum, cuminum, caryotam, mel, acetum, vinum, liquamen, oleum, 
defrutum.  hoc ius adicito sinapi in elixuris.

SAUCE FOR CRAYFISH AND LARGE PRAWNS:  Brown a chopped spring onion.  Add 
pepper, lovage, caraway, cumin, Jerico date, honey, vinegar, wine, liquamen, 
oil, defrutum.  Serve this sauce with mustard added, with boiled 
{sea-crayfish or prawns}.

Vehling's translation:

SAUCE FOR SHELLFISH:  chopped scallions fried lightly, crush pepper, lovage, 
caraway, cumin, figdates, honey, vinegar, wine, broth, oil, reduced must, 
while boiling add mustard.



> cailte gave her redaction of an Apicius recipe.
> Can you post the original and Vehling's translation? I don't have a  copy 
> right now.
> <<< so there i was in the kitchen with a list of ingredients
> from vehling and my cupboards having spilled forth, and
> the shrimpies nicely thawed, and the seat of my pants
> ready...
> into a pan i put in this order:
> olive oil
> garlic and onions, finely minced (no shallots on hand)
> red wine vinegar
> cream sherry (no passum or raisin wine) >>>
> Any particular reason you think cream sherry might be better than a 
> regular red wine? Or is this just what you had on hand?
> <<< shrimp (8 of them, no langoustine) >>>
> raw or par-boiled? shelled or unshelled? (don't laugh, I've been  seeing a 
> lot of unshelled shrimp show up on oriental buffets. Just  wanted to 
> check)
> <<< i let that cook until said shrimpies were about half
> cooked and then added >>>
>  So I assume, probably raw shrimp.
> <<< honey
> black pepper (metric buttload)
> black and yellow mustard seeds >>>
> Ground or whole black pepper and black and yellow mustard seeds? I  assume 
> because of size that the black pepper is ground, but wanted to  check on 
> all three.
>  <<< i finished the cooking of the shrimp, let the sauce reduce
> and then tossed in a bit of parsley left over from
> turk-zilla (no lovage... probably could have minced some
> celery leaves but didn't think of that then). >>>
> Hmmm. I still have some dried, powdered lovage I was given some years 
> ago. Maybe it has enough flavor left.
> Thanks, this sounds interesting, as does Euriol's redaction of  Rumpolt's 
> shrimp recipe from a year ago. And I do have some frozen  shrimp in the 
> freezer to use up.
> Stefan
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