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On Tue, 1 Dec 2009 02:59:05 -0600
  Stefan li Rous <StefanliRous at austin.rr.com> wrote:
> cailte gave her redaction of an Apicius recipe.
> Can you post the original and Vehling's translation? I 
>don't have a  copy right now.
Pretty much what Bear posted.   i want to try it with 
caraway as well, but was entirely happy without it.

> red wine vinegar
> cream sherry (no passum or raisin wine) >>>
> Any particular reason you think cream sherry might be 
>better than a  regular red wine? Or is this just what you 
>had on hand?

yes. 8)  had it on hand, and i was thinking of the sweeter 
wines Grainger talked about in her book.

> <<< shrimp (8 of them, no langoustine) >>>
> raw or par-boiled? shelled or unshelled? (don't laugh, 
>I've been  seeing a lot of unshelled shrimp show up on 
>oriental buffets. Just  wanted to check)

raw frozen shrimp.  i left the shells on, they were the 
ones slit up the back for easier shelling, so the sauce 
got in.  i think for a feast i might use shelled shrimp.

> <<< honey
> black pepper (metric buttload)
> black and yellow mustard seeds >>>
> Ground or whole black pepper and black and yellow 
>mustard seeds? I  assume because of size that the black 
>pepper is ground, but wanted to  check on all three.

coarse ground black pepper (from pepper mill, not a can). 
 the mustard seeds remained whole.

> Thanks, this sounds interesting, as does Euriol's 
>redaction of  Rumpolt's shrimp recipe from a year ago. 
>And I do have some frozen  shrimp in the freezer to use 

in our house, there are NEVER extra shrimp hanging around. 
 dear heart was still talking about how good it was this 
a.m. on the drive to work.

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