[Sca-cooks] OT Judith has an SCA name!

Judith Epstein judith at ipstenu.org
Wed Dec 2 08:23:34 PST 2009

So far I've been trying to remember to reply privately so as not to spam the list, but by now I'm thinking it's worth replying en masse.

1. I'm not playing a Khazar. I'm looking into Yemen or Persia.

2. I've seen the Gabriel Academy site. Over and over. It's got 175 female names (out of a whopping 280,000 records), which were used by "over 200" women, all living in Cairo (or at least dying there, or marrying, and possibly owning land, but not really a lot), within the course of 1000 years (870 CE - 1880 CE), in cities ranging from Samarkand (Central Asia) to Sijilmasa (Morocco), Aden to Constantinople to Kiev? There were definitely more than 200 women in those areas, and they had to have had a name pool of over 175 names. Therefore, the geniza -- though extremely valuable in a lot of ways -- isn't something I can consider exhaustive. Since I don't really care for most of the names recorded in the geniza, moreover, it is not going to be my resource.

3. As stated before, I'll be handling this name search through the heralds' mailing lists, not through the cooks' mailing lists. Though the same people may actually be involved in both lists, for all I know, I think we should go back to talking about food while we're occupying the cooks' list.

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