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Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Fri Dec 4 05:55:02 PST 2009

You can of course actually search Google and turn up
items under "stupid reference questions".



There's also a book called The Truth About Reference Librarians
by Will Manley.   Synopsis
Did you know that the first question ever asked of a reference  
librarian was "Where's the bathroom?" Or that the very first reference  
book was the Egyptian Farmer's Almanac? Do you know how reference  
librarians rid themselves of such pests as the Jerkus disgustis,  
Pervertus horribilis or the Studentus moronis? If you answered no to  
any of the above, then The Truth About Reference Librarians may so far  
have eluded you. Will Manley and Richard Lee are at it again. This  
time it's a reverent if probing tour of the not so pretty world of  
reference librarians, yielding such invaluable results as information  
on the ten stages in life of a reference librarian (1. I want to help  
humanity; 2. I want to help a few worthy people; 3. At least I'm  
getting paid for this madness...), instructions of the care and  
feeding of reference librarians, and a list of some of the oddest  
actual questions ever put to reference librarians.

(who was named uberlibrarian this week)

On Dec 4, 2009, at 8:40 AM, Martin G. Diehl wrote:

> Greetings,
> Here is something for all of our Librarians and Book lovers
> As seen on Aaron Williams' Blog,
> Thu, Dec 3rd. 3:14am,
> http://ps238principal.livejournal.com/105659.html
> In which Aaron Williams says,
> "In honor of my sister, the uber-librarian, I offer up this
> list of fail-ridden conversations with used booksellers."
> http://www.bookmine.com/stupid.php
> Comments, please ...
> Vincenzo

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