[Sca-cooks] Medieval Indian cooking

Jim and Andi jimandandi at cox.net
Tue Dec 8 14:54:02 PST 2009

My thanks for the correction.

What sources other than the _Ain i Akbari_ do we have for the food of 
the early Mughals?

If you have not checked out the Nimatnama, I would sincerely urge you to
do so. It's a completely jaw-dropping parade of decadence, a list of
royal dishes cooked in a very, very wealthy court. 

I have cooked several dishes from this manuscript for household dinners
and A&S competitions, and I am cooking a feast from it in September. 

Sources that are translated and easily available? Not many other than
the Ain-i-Akbari. There are a few mentions of food in the Babur-nama and
one scant feast description in the Humayun-nama, written by Gulbadan
Begum. Those quotes are mostly referenced in A Historical Dictionary of
Indian Food by KT Achaya. There are several traveler memoirs referenced
in Food and Drinks in Mughal India by Satya Prakash Sangar, but that's a
difficult book to use, since the author lumps all of the Mughal period
together, and only the first 75 years fall within our period. 


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