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> I hav already been asked to provide the feast at a large gathering next
> may and they want me to bring my competition BBQ to recreate a period
> version of turducken but to continue stuffing up to a hog. What I have
> so far is the hog stuffed with a small lamb stuffed with the turkey,
> duck and chicken. I have calculated cooking time will be 36 to 48 hours
> at 275 modern degrees F. My first questions are: Is there record of the
> recipe for this dish and what is it called.

Hi Bakus,

I haven't seen any medieval sources that have a recipe even remotely
similar to what you're describing.  Turkey is of course problematic in
that it's a new-world animal (perhaps swan or goose could be used as a
substitute), but even putting that aside, none of the recipes I recall
used a *whole* animal as a stuffing for another.  Chopped or ground meat
was sometimes used.

Given that my focus of research is England and France from about 1000 to
1500, there may be something from other regions or time periods.

A tangential question, with such a long cooking time for stuffed meat,
are there any special steps that must be taken to prevent food

- Doc

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