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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Wed Dec 9 16:21:25 PST 2009

Urtatim commented:

<<< When i joined the SCA it appeared to me (perhaps falsely) that most
SCAdian Middle Easterners wore late 20th c. fantasy garb (i.e.,
American Tribal or some variation thereof, including the egregious
Ghawazee coat), and very few wore period  or peri-oid garb. I
promoted period garb, for which I was often criticized. But i didn't
lash back and i supported my position with facts. And while it still
appears that the vast majority of SCAdian Middle Easterners still
wear late 20th c. fantasy garb, i see more and more wearing and
promoting period garb. >>>

Part of the problem is still finding good sources of information. This  
question came up on the SCA-Newcomers mail list in the last couple of  
days. Someone did finally post a few links, but I wasn't sure how good  
they were. I don't have much in the Florilegium and would love to add  
some more. So if you've written some articles I'd love to get them. I  
will add those links, but they are unannotated, so I'm not sure how  
useful they will be.

<<< I mean no slight to Stefan's Florilegium, which is a wonderful
resource, but it, too, often ends up providing non-period recipes. >>>

Thank you. I provide what I can get. If I can get period recipes then  
those get preference. I'd prefer to see traditional Middle Eastern  
foods than steak and potatoes. I would love to be able to make some  
translated Middle Eastern manuscripts from period works available or  
more recipes.

I do have this file:
E-Arab-recip-art  (48K)  3/23/03    Early Arab recipes prior to the  
13th Century by Anahita.

And this one:
ME-revel-fds-art  (59K) 10/22/04    Medieval Middle Eastern foods  
suitable for a revel or buffet w. recipes by Anahita.

So hopefully folks are making use of these.

<<< Some people just don't seem to be able to tell the difference. >>>

Including me. I often depend upon the people posting a recipe to tell  
where it is from and I know little enough about Middle Eastern food to  
really know when someone has taken big liberties in their redaction.  
I'm a lot better at that with European dishes. But even worse with  
Japanese and Chinese foods. Which is one of the major reasons you  
don't see much of those cultures in the Florilegium. I didn't, and  
don't, feel I know enough to know when I'm being put on. Some people I  
do trust to do a good job and not try to pull something over, and that  
is why you do find stuff by Kiri on oriental foods in the Florilegium.

PS: Urtatim, if you see Middle Eastern recipes in the Florilegium that  
aren't noted as being that, let me know and I'll at least add a  
notation to that effect.
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